The Belonging Continuum Assessment™


The Belonging Continuum Assessment™ is a psychometric diagnostic instrument resulting from rigorous research, development, and validity testing.

It provides data and analysis around an employee’s level of inclusion and belonging with respect to their co-workers, supervisors, workgroups, and organization.

The Belonging Continuum Assessment™ is administered as a survey. It is designed to precisely measure the 11 research-validated factors that interact with each other in a way that enables us to place organizations, individuals, demographic and diversity dimensions, and work-related groups along the Belonging Continuum™.

The Belonging Continuum Assessment™ consists of three sections:

  • Belongingness Questions: Research-based statements that are related to the 11 Belongingness factors (Likert scale used for responses and scoring); statements are continuously validity tested by our survey psychometrician and analysts
  • Open-ended Questions: Pertaining to Motivation, Culture, and Management & Leadership (free-form responses)
  • Demographic and Diversity Questions: Pertaining to personal and professional attributes to better understand Belonging across dimensions of diversity

The average time to complete the assessment is 8-12 minutes.

The technology and process do afford for customization, most often in the form of incorporating additional organizational or third-party assessment questions.