The 12 Core Diversity Attributes


Belongingness cannot be measured without also considering one’s professional and personal diversity attributes. The research suggests that diversity can help drive collaboration, innovation, and organic growth. Belongingness can hinder, eliminate, or accelerate these outcomes.

When we measure belongingness, we also collect at least 12 core diversity attributes in two categories: workplace and personal attributes.  Although anonymity is maintained for all individuals and their responses, respondents may select “prefer not to answer” to diversity-related questions.

While we aim to include the 12 core diversity attributes, our research, assessment, and analytics are designed to incorporate additional attributes based on the country, industry, and/or company-unique requirements.

Workplace Attributes

Workplace attributes are tied to an individual’s

  • Organizational Level
  • Company Tenure
  • Position Tenure
  • Income Range
  • Functional Area
  • Business Unit
  • Location

Personal Attributes

Workplace attributes are tied to an individual’s

  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Generation
  • Education Level
  • Religion