Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Empowering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professionals with highly detailed data to measure current (baseline) and period-over-period belongingness across each diversity group.  The Belonging Continuum Assessment™ and subsequent quantitative and qualitative data and analyses offer precise insights as to the direction of time, attention, and resources.  All of our work and work products are designed not just to be interesting and insightful, but to be intensely data-driven and actionable.

  • Depth in Data – Over 10,000 Analyses
    This subject is of the utmost importance and we bring the highest level of rigor to it, for we know defining both the problem and the opportunity is paramount to improvement.
  • Quantifying the Impact of Programming and Investment
    By not only measuring diversity and belongingness, but doing so period-over-period and tagging individuals exposed to DEI efforts and programming, we can help quantify the impact and return on investment.
  • Research & Best Practices
    Access to our library or research and abstracts, along with research-driven known best-practices in the areas that are identified as opportunities for improvement.
  • Actionable Insights & Recommendations
    Clearly and quantitatively defined significant groups and areas, along with research-based recommendations for their growth.

Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Empowering Investor Relations and Corporate Communication professionals with quantitative, third-party reporting. The optional Belongingness Report and Certification™, not only provides data-driven analyses of current levels of employee diversity and belongingness, but also period-over-period improvident, benchmark data, and a formal registration of corporate Diversity and Belonging mission and strategic plan.

  • Quantitative Scoring
    Concise yet detailed, the Belongingness Report and Certification™ provides analytics on where the organization was, is, and is working to be.
  • Quantitative Reporting on Improvement
    The Belongingness Report and Certification™ also provides quantitative reporting on period-over-period improvements and gains in diversity and belongingness.
  • Benchmark Data
    The Belongingness Report and Certification™ provides benchmark performance within your industry (when available) and against Caerulean Analytics universal data.
  • Registration of Diversity & Belonging Mission, Strategic Plan, and Progress
    The Belongingness Report and Certification™ provides fields to document corporate diversity and belonging mission, strategic plans, and other relevant information.

Human Resources / Talent

Empowering Human Resource professionals with data and analytics designed to identify high-potential and high-performance employees, drive growth and retention, and help inform hiring for optimal belongingness fit.

  • Clear Corporate Diversity Composition
    Clear and accessible data on the current (baseline) and period-over-period composition of the organization across a minimum of 12 diversity attributes
  • High-Potential Analytics
    Identifying individuals that present as statistically significant high-potential employees
  • High-Performer Analytics
    Identifying individuals that present as statistically significant high-performance employees
  • Recommendations for Retention, Growth, and (Belongingness) Targeted Hiring
    Going beyond the interesting and insightful to the actionable