Belongingness Employee Report™


Belongingness is not only in the eye of the individual employee, but it is also a function of their personal and professional characteristics, and therefore can be influenced by them.  This sense of agency and partial ownership is important in the partnership that is belongingness and its advancement.  To that end, each employee receives a report that does not place them on the continuum or offer quantitative data, but rather focuses on areas of strength and development, as well as belongingness fundamentals and opportunities to advance.

  • Summary of Areas of Strength and Areas for Development
    Based on scoring in each of the four dimensions, employees are offered specific indications of where they excel and where they can improve their belongingness.
  • Belongingness Fundamentals & Resources
    Belongingness is clearly and concisely explained in terms of definition, importance, composition, and each employee’s role in their belonging and the belonging of others.
  • Opportunities to Advance
    Based on specific scores in each of the 11 factors, specific actionable recommendations are offered.